DCTA Inc., aka David C. Thewlis and Associates, is an Information Technology consulting firm based in Humboldt County in Northern California. We specialize in the following:

Standards and Conformity Assessment: Dave Thewlis, the President and Principal Consultant of DCTA, has extensive experience in Standards and Conformity Assessment at industry, national and international levels in technical standardization, management groups, and standardization policy committees, and can represent your organization at any level in the appropriate standards bodies to achieve your standardization goals or develop a strategic standards engagement plan. DCTA can also help your company to identify, adopt and implement relevant standards and related conformity assessment goals.

Artist's Website Service: DCTA offers custom website design, development and support for artists desiring a unique website which reflects their unique artistic vision. Our websites are simple, elegant, fast-loading, and easy to maintain. Please see Artist's Website Service.

Exploiting Information Technology: We apply business-oriented strategic thinking in assisting companies large and small to identify their business and technology goals and to make the best possible decisions about how to use information technology to achieve those goals. We can help you define your IT needs in a business context; design an IT architecture appropriate to your organization; evaluate and select products and services; and support installation, implementation and training.

Information Technology Vendors: we offer customer needs assessment, pre-sales consulting and support, market research and position paper development, product analysis and recommendations, in addition to standards support and representation.

Contract Management: As a corporation, DCTA can offer contract management services for organizations who cannot engage consultants or contractors directly, or for individuals who wish to provide consulting or contracting services to organizations whose policies require them to obtain consultants and contractors through an established corporate entity rather than engaging them directly. We offer this as an ancillary service rather than our primary function, so our burden rate is far lower than industry norms.

Please see What Do We Offer? or Artist's Website Service for more information, or contact DCTA at .