Artists Web Site Service

DCTA offers personalized, unique Web site design and implementation for artists at a reasonable fee. Our goal is to work with the artist to achieve a Web site which reflects the artist's unique vision, and which is "about the artist" rather than about the implementor. Our Web sites are designed to be simple, elegant, easy to browse and quick-loading.

We will be happy to maintain a Web site for you (if we developed it) if you wish. We use implementation techniques which result in a site where simple maintenance, such as replacing images and updating prices, or adding entries to a list, can be done by the artist herself without specialized or expensive tools and with only a moderate amount of "learning" involved. We do not offer Web site hosting at the present time, but will help you find a hosting service if needed. If we do offer hosting in the future, we will still be happy to build and if desired maintain sites located on other host services.

Please see More About Artist's Web Sites for more information, including a discussion of why an artist would wish to have a unique Web site, and Explanations of Web-Site-Related Terms for artist-oriented explanations of the various terms and issues related to having a Web site.

Selected Artist and Art-Related Websites created by DCTA: Blue Chair Press, by Elaine Benjamin Diana Moses Botkin: Art for a Lifetime Fox Studio: Susan Fox, Nature Artist and Painter Linda Hartshorn, handweaver, dyer Katlin Kirker, Acrylic Paintings & Illustration Kathy O'Leary: Contemporary Realism in Oil Painting North Coast Open Studios

For more information or to contact us about building your Web site, please refer to How to Contact Us or e-mail .