Who Are We?

President and Principal Consultant

Dave Thewlis has over forty years of experience in Information Technology. He has a proven track record as a systems technician, IT manager and executive, and executive consultant. He has designed, written and implemented major computing systems; managed a major data center; and remains in the forefront of computers and information technology as a consultant. He has been involved in Information Technology standards and standardization since 1993.

Dave has been involved since 1968 in SHARE, the first organized Computer User Group, founded in 1955. He has served at all levels of management in SHARE, including several years on the Board of Directors. As Vice President, he was responsible for SHARE Strategies and strategic planning. From 2000-2002 he served as Chief Standards Officer for SHARE, representing SHARE and SHARE's 2300+ member companies worldwide to national and international standards bodies at technical, management and policy-setting levels.

Among his other standards consulting activities, Dave is currently Chairman of INCITS PL22.23, the INCITS Technical Group for Linux and POSIX. INCITS is the InterNational Committee on Information Technology Standards, the U.S. National IT Standardization Committee. PL22.23 is INCITS' representative to international activities in ISO, IEC and JTC 1 concerning Linux and POSIX.

Dave is the Executive Director of CalConnect - The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium, an IT Consortium focused on the promotion and evolution of Calendaring and Scheduling standards and the development of interoperable internet-based Calendaring and Scheduling products and applications.